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Dreams Business Resources is the essential partner for businesses seeking optimal results. We not only pinpoint areas of struggle but also connect businesses with top-tier service providers, saving both time and money.

Realizing the Full Potential of Your Business DREAMS

The major difference between a successful business and an unsuccessful business is that the successful business has access to the right tools and resources to help them run their company, effectively, efficiently and profitably.

At Dreams Business Resources, we understand that realizing the full potential of your business involves strategic decision-making, especially when it comes to optimizing resources. We know that by leveraging specialized external providers, businesses can unlock unparalleled efficiencies, saving valuable time and financial resources.

What is DREAMS?

DREAMS is an acrostic we've devised to encapsulate the fundamental elements

essential for constructing a thriving and successful business.


Debt Management

To effectively manage debt, a business needs access to solid funding sources.



To provide a future financial vision for both owners and employees, a business needs to engage retirement tools and systems, that in turn creates increased employee loyalty and long-term stability for the business


Expense Management

To reduce expenses, a business needs access to education and service programs.


Asset Management

Employees are key assets for most businesses, creating the need for human resources, payroll and legal oversight. The business’ online brand - their website and social media - is the other key asset.


Money Management

Tax savings opportunities are treasure chests that most businesses are unaware of. This is just one aspect of money management strategies that a business should employ.



Data security has become a critical component in business management. Protecting the data of the employees, customers, and the business itself should be top-of-mind for every business. With the ongoing increases in Cyber Crimes, businesses need to engage with a cyber-security system that creates a blockage against data loss.

Business Services Beyond Boundaries

Where DREAMS Meet Success

Self Employed Tax Credits

If you're self employed, a 1099 contractor, a freelancer, or a small business owner and file a 1040 tax return with attached schedule C and your business was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and/or 2021 (and most were), you could get up to $32,220 from the IRS.

Reducing Energy Costs

Reducing your monthly expenses on Energy directly increases your profit to your bottom-line. There are multiple pathways to accomplish this goal, including negotiated price reductions in Energy Deregulated States, as well as leveraging Commercial and Residential Solar programs.

Research & Development Tax Credits

Numerous lucrative federal and state tax credits and incentives await companies, offering the potential for tax optimization. These savings can be channeled towards expanding your workforce, innovating new products or services, acquiring state-of-the-art equipment, or enhancing overall profitability.

Cloud Computing & Security

The Cloud has changed everything, including the way your computing will be distributed and supported. Our patented software platform is designed to automate, manage and deliver your computing, applications and cloud technologies – lower your IT costs while securing your applications and protect your business data from cyber thieves.

Employee & Business Benefits

Businesses often face management challenges related to employee benefits, payroll administration, risk management, compliance with HR regulations, and talent management. Our innovative technology simplifies the process of managing your most vital asset – your people.

Online ADA Compliance

Making your website compliant while offering a fully-accessible user experience is more simple than you may think. Leverage our suite of automated ADA compliance solutions to expedite implementation while creating a legal shield against would-be litigators for non-compliance.

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